2018 Newsome Booster Scholarship



Who Is Eligible to Apply: 


  1. Students graduating in May
  2. Students who have definite plans to pursue a secondary education via a college or university, (as verified by guidance counselor below)
  3. Student athletes at Newsome High School who have contributed to their team development and/or success
  4. Newsome Athletic Booster Membership is required by March 1, 2018.



Grade Point Average, Essay, and Athletic Involvement


Please provide the following:

Your completed application. (download here)

A list of the clubs, sports and school activities you have participated in during grades 9-12.

Prepare an essay describing how sports has impacted your life. (500 word max.)

On a separate sheet of paper describe the following:

1) College/university plans (indicate which colleges or universities you have applied to).

2) The field of interest you plan to study.

3) Your proposed occupation or profession.
Return completed application packet to Mr. Lindstrom by 3:00pm on 3/28/18.